The Golf Space's Karma Ratings are a way for users to vote for each other and give each other positive or negative "Karma." TGS will be awarding prizes for the users with the highest ratings. We've had a karma rating system in the forum board since the beginning (with karma rating showing up under "user status" in the profile) but we've decided to introduce it to the user profiles.

Monthly Karma Contest

TGS will give monthly prizes for the members with the highest karma rating. At the end of each month the monthly karma ratings will be reset to zero and the contest will start again.

Yearly Karma Contest

A 2nd Karma number keeps track of the running total for the year. The running total is not reset at the end of each month. A "grand" prize will be awarded to the member with the highest total karma at the end of the year.

Giving Karma Votes

To give a person/profile Karma, click the thumbs up or down icons under "Karma" in the user's profile.

Viewing Your Karma

To view your own Karma, visit your profile.

Bonus Points

"Bonus" karma points may be awarded by Golf Space adminstration at any time for users.

How to receive a Karma bonus:

  • Make a great blog or forum post
  • Post images to your profile gallery
  • Add links to the WebLinks directory
  • Refer friends to The Golf Space
  • Contribute to the quality and growth of TGS!