Insert an image into blog or news pots

To insert an image into a blog or news article

1. Click on the "insert/edit image" icon in the post controls. The icon looks like a tree.
2. In the Image URL field of the form with pops up, enter the URL of the image you wish to insert (  Image URLs can be often copied by right clicking the image you want to insert and selecting copy location or copy URL.
3. Enter an image description in the next field
4. Click the appearance or advanced tabs (if they're available) for more detailed image controls.
5. Click insert/submit button.

Image size should be no wider than 600 pixels wide, the widest area a blog can be displayed here.

Note: Currently TGS does not allow uploading of images directly when publishing articles due to server and bandwidth costs.  Down the road as TGS grows and generates revenue (we hope), this will change.