GameTrack: View Yearly Stats

The Golf Space's Golf Stats component not only gives you round by round statistics, it gives you yearly stats as well. The yearly stats are computed based on the last 20 rounds entered into the database. We chose 20 because this is how many handicapping and stats standards are calculated, including the USGA handicapping system.

The "yearly stats" can give you an overall report on your game with details in scoring, ball striking and putting. Once rounds have been punched in, you even establish your own Golf Space handicap!

How to view yearly stats

Each Golf Space member's yearly stats are viewable from his/her profile. Click on the "Golf Stats" profile tab to view them.

You may also check your stats by selecting going to the "My" menu, selecting "Golf Game" submenu and "Stats" submenu.

Improving your game and lowering your scores

Armed with the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your game via your Golf Space stats, you can focus your practice on where the most work is needed. You can also have confidence in what the strong parts of your game are, and rely on them in crucial situations on the course.