GameTrack: Entering Rounds

If the course you have played is in the database, you are now ready to punch in a round and take advantage of The Golf Space's awesome Golf GameTrack system.  If the course and tees you played are not in the database you need to enter the course info the database first.

To punch in a round use the course list and/or search function to locate the course. From the course list click on the "add round" link.

There is a ton of detailed information in the Golf Stats section so budget plenty of time to punch in all of your data. If you do not fill in all the data in a round, the round's stats and yearly stats will not be calculated correctly.

Equitable Stroke Control?

You can enter your gross or ESC scores as you wish. We recommend ESC scores.
The following stats are entered on each round:

  • Hole by hole scoring
  • Putts on each hole
  • Fairways hit
  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Trouble (click on trouble if you are OB, in a hazard, bunker etc)
  • Driving distance (entered on par 5 holes only)
  • Round grade (your assessment of your performance)
  • Bets won or lost
  • Comments
  • Round date