GameTrack: Adding Courses

The course you play must be in the GameTrack database before you may punch in a round. A course only needs to be added to the database once and all users have access to all courses.

Courses are punched in based on the TEE you are using. A course with 3 tees would be entered into the database 3 times. This may seem laborious, but due to the fact that yardages, slopes, ratings and handicaps are different on a per tee basis, this is the best way.

Before you add a course, use the course list & search function to make sure the course hasn't been entered already. When you are ready to punch in a new course, select "add course" from the course list.

When adding a course be sure to budget a few minutes so that you may get all the course details punched in correctly and completely. The course contact info, hole by hole and other information will be required to complete the course entry process.

The image below shows the course entry page.