GameTrack: OVERVIEW (read first!)

GOLF STATS SUITE (Note: this feature is undergoing an upgrade to make it compatible with the new Golf Space engine.  Stay tuned).

General Overview

The Golf Space's  GameTrack is a very detailed score and statistics tracker for your game. For the scores and stats to be done correctly, you'll need to be able to budget the appropriate time to fill out your scores. If you wish to simply punch in a quick score in a minute or two, the simpler Golf Scores section of The Golf Space may be better.

How the system works.


Golf courses must be punched into the database before you can track your stats. To punch in a new course, simply select "courses" and "add." You'll be taken to a form where you'll input all the data about the course, from address to hole-by-hole details. Each course and tee set must be punched in as a separate course. Courses need only be entered once. If the course already exists in the database you may skip the course entry. Use the search function first to see if the course is already in the database before you waste your time punching it in again!

Viewing course information

You may view course details by clicking on "courses" and using the built in course search function to search by name, city, country or any other details.


To punch in a round you must first select the course/tee you played from the courses list. Then you click on "add round" to begin the round entry process.

In the round entry section you'll fill out your scores on every hole, putts, drive lenghts (par 5's only), fairways hit, hazards/bunkers, comments and more. You MUST fill in ALL the data on the card for the round and yearly stats to be properly computed! If you don't fill in all the appropriate data your stats will not be accurate.

When done hit submit and your round will be punched in and you can see your stats for the round. If you made a mistake, you can edit or delete the round.

Yearly stats

TGS's Golf Stats Suite tracks some overal stats for your season. The last 20 rounds are tabulated to give you a report on various statistical categories and a TGS handicap.

A work in progress

It has taken me quite a while to get the suite to where it is now. I'm fully open to any suggestions you may have on improvements and any bug reports. I plan on tweaking the suite as needed to improve and provide TGS users with the BEST golf stats on the web. Oh and did I mention it's all FREE for all members of The Golf Space?