WebLink Policy Update

The Golf Space provides a web link section full of hundreds of useful member submitted golf related links. I've just approved a few, and rejected a few weblink submissions.  For those of you who may not know, you can submit links to your site or others by clicking the "submit" button in the user menu.

The last batch of weblink submissions had some "issues" which I felt needed to be addressed.  There were several submissions which were duplicates.  In other words, some people were submitting several links to the same web site.  There were also a few links with "affiliate codes" in them.  If you don't know what affiliate codes are, they're codes embedded for the purpose of click tracking and revenue generating. People who submit these affiliate codes are just trying to beat the system here and make money through their affiliate codes. This is a sort of stealth spam. A few other links had confusing names or click-throughs, presumably for the same purposes as the affiliate codes.

Weblink submission rules

Submitted weblinks must meet the following requirements:

  • One outgoing link per web site (no multiple links to same base URL)
  • No affiliate codes in links
  • No "click-throughs".  Link must be directly to destination
  • Link name must be the name of the site
  • TGS will reject links to spammy or questionable sites