Unable to find new mail messages?

The Golf Space post office processes thousands of messages from member to member. The database of messages is very large and can really slow down the site. To streamline the site and help it run faster, messages are not stored forever.

  • Read messages will stay in members' mailboxes for 14 days
  • Unread mail will stay in members' in boxes for 30 days
  • Deleted mail will be removed permanently from the database in 48 hours
  • Sent mail will be removed from members' out box in 14 days

If you see a message on the main page saying you have new mail, but your mail box has none there are two reasons:

1. You have logged in after the deletion period of the unread mail, about one month.
2. The member who sent that email is no longer a member of the site, perhaps removed due to spam.