Article Submission Requirements

If you are an approved contributor for The Golf Space you are welcome to submit articles. Submitted articles must meet the following requirements:

  • Article must be unique and exclusive to The Golf Space. Copying articles from other sites and reposting them here is not allowed.
  • Articles are voluntary contributions to the site and are not compensated monetarily. However if you are reviewing a golf product we provide you, you will likely get to keep the product.
  • Spell check.
  • As a thank you for writing the piece, we ask that you put a link to your home page and also to your TGS profile at the end of the article. One outgoing link to your TGS profile plus home web page is allowed within the article. Multiple outgoing links are not allowed unless discussed and approved in advance.
  • The article must be a "contribution" to the membership here and not simply a ploy to drive traffic to yours or another web site.

Approved contributors will see additional menu selections under the "Write" link in the user menu. Those are News, Article, Review.

When articles are submitted TGS administration is notified. We'll go over the article and set a publishing date.