Uploading photos to your gallery

Uploading pictures to your profile photo gallery:

1. Make sure you're logged in

2. Go to your profile

3. Click on the "Photos" tab

4. Click on "Submit New Gallery Entry"

5. Enter a title for your photo

6. Enter a description for your photo

7. Use the "Browse" button to locate a picture to upload from your computer.

Note: Images currently can't be more than 500 pixels wide or tall, or over 256kb in file size to be allowed in the profile gallery.

If you are unable to upload photos they are likely too large in pixel dimensions or file size.  Use an application like photoshop, iPhoto etc to reduce the file size to a more "web friendly" format.  Read the error message which appears if you have a problem uploading.  That message will tell you what was wrong with the file you attempted to upload.